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Event Volunteering

Event Volunteering Calendar

The event volunteering calendar is unique to Suffolk, bringing together organisations that need volunteers with people who want to volunteer to help at special events.

We are proud that over 600 brilliant volunteers are registered to help out at the events listed on this website. They dedicate their time to a whole host of activities across the county, from bike rides to festivals and community events, many of which would struggle to take place without volunteer support.

With a diverse range of events, there are opportunities to suit varied interests, offering an excellent introduction to volunteering. The flexibility is perfect for those with limited time or who would like to support a range of events/charities. Through volunteering, individuals develop new skills and grow in confidence whilst often supporting worthwhile causes.  


How can I get involved?

It's easy; simply register here and search for opportunities by clicking on our Event Volunteering Calendar.   


Top 3 reasons why people volunteer at events

  • they like to support a local cause and giving back to the community
  • it makes them happy, meeting new people and making friends
  • it's an enjoyable and fun way to spend spare time.


What our volunteers said

"It gives me the opportunity to experience sports and events that I would not normally come across in my daily life and to meet people that I would never have met.”

“I have learnt new skills and discovered that there were existing skills that I didn’t even know I had. After each event I feel a sense of achievement and the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped to make something happen that could not of happened without the volunteers.”

“I love every minute of volunteering and giving back to community! Everyone has made it worthwhile and its just superb.”


What are our aims?

The website is kept up-to-date by staff from Community Action Suffolk, which also provides training and advice, shares best practice in volunteering and helps to build a sustainable volunteering legacy across the county.   Supported by Suffolk County Council and Sport England, we aim to:

  • Increase volunteering opportunities at events in Suffolk by maintaining and expanding the Events Volunteering Calendar
  • ensure opportunities are accessible to volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and experience
  • Support organisations in developing good practice in volunteer recruitment and management
  • Continue to train and support events volunteers
  • Develop volunteering opportunities to support the work of local organisations.

The Event Volunteering project is a jointly funded initiative between Community Action Suffolk, Suffolk County Council and Sport England. The project began in 2010 and has funding through to 2018.  For further information please contact:

01473 345400