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Meet the Team

For nearly all charities and community groups volunteers continue to be the lifeblood of their work and allow them to deliver the services and make real differences to people lives.

The role of the person or people who coordinate the volunteers should also not go unrecognised as one of the most important roles in a charity… yes perhaps as important as the CEO!

However volunteers are evolving and changing before our eyes so ignore this at your peril! Not all volunteers want to be told what to do or fill a gap in the work that you deliver. They want to believe in the organisation and follow and inspirational vision (which will be sold to them by you the Volunteer Manager/Coordinator) and understand that their piece of volunteering fits into the bigger picture for your charity.

Take a look at this Managing Volunteers Toolkit for more ideas on how to attract more volunteers, support the ones you have or look at new and innovative ways to utilise the skills of people who support your charity. If you have any ideas, case studies or tips/research which you think would help others please let us know and we will add it to the toolkit.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, contact the CAS Volunteering Team at volunteering@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk or 01473 345400, or go to Community Action Suffolk for more support. Look below for information on the volunteering team at CAS

Paul White, Volunteering Manager

Paul White is the Volunteering Manager at Community Action Suffolk and heads up the 7-strong volunteering team. He is a passionate advocate for volunteering and the significant difference that volunteers make within their communities. Paul also coordinates the development of the Suffolk Volunteer Strategy and manages the ‘Volunteer Suffolk’ website.

Andrew Simpson, Volunteering Services Officer (ESV) 

Local businesses are recognising the importance of “employer supported volunteering”. This is when employers organise team volunteering activities for their staff, or offer time away from work to employees to volunteer. Andrew manages employer supported volunteering, and offers local support to West Suffolk organisations.

Siobhan Kranjanasilp, Volunteering Services Officer (Training)

Siobhan runs training courses for volunteer managers and co-ordinators which cover subjects such as the law, recruitment, retention or dealing with challenging situations. She has recently written and launched a NOCN accredited course for volunteers themselves! Siobhan also offers local support to Ipswich and East Suffolk organisations.

Janet Perry, Young Leadership Development Officer

With a shortage of young trustees and leaders involved with local charities and groups, Janet is the dedicated staff member to address this. She works with local organisations, offering free training for young people to find leadership roles.

Nicky Russell, This Community Can Officer

Following National Lottery funding from Sport England, Nicky will be launching the “This Community Can” project, to help local volunteers make a positive contribution to their community using sport and activity. All members of the community will benefit from the opportunities made available to them, whether organising or taking part in activities.