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Research & Blogs

The resources below are here to help you with some of the main themes of leading volunteers. We have looked across the globe to bring you different ideas and perspectives which we understand you don’t always have time to search for in your day to day roles.


Interesting blogs/websites to follow

Blogs are a great way to keep in touch with what the current thinking is about leading volunteers, and we hope will help you feel linked to other coordinators whose role it is to involve volunteers.

The resources below are by no means everything which is available, but just a flavour. For those groups who are also CAS members, there are more resources in the Members Only area of the CAS website.

There are some interesting groups and individuals commenting on volunteering from all over the world. Here are a few that the CAS Volunteering Services Officers follow.


Here are a range of interesting articles we have come across. If you know of any which you think others who work to involve volunteers in their work would find interesting and inspring please let is know and we will add them to this list.

Using Volunteers Time As Match Funding by Wales Council for Voluntary Action, March 2014

A Better Offer- The Future of Volunteering in an ageing society  by International Longevity Society UK, August 2014

Decision Time: Will the Voluntary Sectory embrace the age of opportunity? by NPC, ILC March 2014

Inspiring Volunteers- A Guide to Recruitment and Communitication by The Media Trust and i-volunteer  November 2016

Speech- In giving, how much do we receive? The social value of volunteering   by Andrew G Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England, September 2014

The New Alchemy- by npf Synergy, 7 reports since 2005 since the publication of 'The 21st Century Volunteer' 

Toolkit- Youth Social Action in Health and Social Care by Volunteering Matters, 2015

"Today's teenagers are more engaged with social issues than ever...." Introducing Generation Citizen, by DEMOS February 2014

10 Things Terrible Trustees Do and Brilliant Trustees Don't  by Directory of Social Change, 2015

Volunteering as a pathway to participation by Pathways to Participation, September 2011


The Institute of Volunteering Research is a world class research and consultancy agency specialising in volunteering. They undertake research, consultancy and evaluation of projects to help improve policy and practise. Visit the IVR website.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, contact the CAS Volunteering Team at volunteering@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk or 01473 345400.