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Admin Help for Volunteer Support for a Charity helping people and animals help each other.

Description of the role:

Our Special Friends are looking for a special person to be our admin support to our Volunteer Support Office working at the office in Higham. You will be helping with admin needs around the recruitment processes, database entry, development and training opportunities for new and established Volunteers who have roles within the community, providing a range of support services to help those in need continue to enjoy contact with animals during illness, bereavement and other crises.

Opportunity Activities: Administration, Advice, Information and Support, Community Work, Local Events
Availability required:


What skills are needed?

Organisational skill
IT experince with database entry (easily learnt)
Good Communication skills, verbal and written
Good listening skills
Interested in disability, social isolation, vulnerability issues in the community
Love of animals and recognition of the importance of the human-animal bond
Familiarity with emails etc.

What skills will be learned / gained?

Increased communication skills
Better understanding of effects of social isolation, disability and vunerability on people and the postive effects of the human-animal bond
Learning through interaction with variety of Statutory and Voluntary Agencies
Database entry

DBS Check Required: Yes
Driving Licence Required: Yes
Does this role have age restrictions?: Yes
Details of restriction:

The office is in the village of Higham which does not have sufficient public transport provision, so own car and driving licence essential

Mandatory training required for role: Yes
Details of mandatory training:

You will spend some time with Jane and other members of the office team learning the requirements of the role and IT and database entry
Preferably undertake an Induction Session with other Volunteers and be prepared for further training opportunities, - all free of charge

Extra information:

You will be helping Jane, The Volunteer Support, involved with the recruitment processes, so getting to know the amazing people who are our Volunteers, a pivitol part of the work Our Special Friends do in the Community. Tasks will be varied allowing flexibility and some innovation around development and training programmes for our growing number of Volunteers spread over West Suffolk and Thetford area. Ideally you would come into the office on either Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays to be with Jane but Tuesdays or Fridays could be an option once you were familiar with the role. One day a week would be ideal or two am or pm sessions to suit you, perhaps around school times. You will be part of an exciting time for the charity of growth and development. The office is in Higham, just off J40 off A14.A DBS will be required as you have access to confidential information.

About the Opportunity Host Organisation

Host Organisation: Our Special Friends
Organisation Profile:

Our Special Friends (OSF) helps individuals facing difficult times, perhaps through illness, relationship breakdown or bereavement, to continue to benefit from the companionship of animals and raises awareness of the benefits of the human-animal bond. Founded by Higham-based vet Belinda Johnston, OSF supports the vital relationships between vulnerable individuals and their animals, working alongside human and animal health practitioners and social care as needed. Its volunteers provide a range of services to individuals in need of support, including dog-walking and offer other forms of practical help to enable pets to stay with their owner. They also visit individuals unable to keep an animal with their own dogs, help with the introduction of a new pet and give support around pet bereavement.

This opportunity is no longer accepting expressions of interest.