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Steward at FolkEast Festival

Description of the role:

We are seeking stewards for the following teams:
Green Folk - responsible for helping to keep the site clean and tidy.
Site Folk - the main source of support for festival goers in the arena.
Backstage Folk - assisting with the management of the restricted artist and crew areas
Campsite Folk - supervising the various FolkEast campsites
Venue Folk - who assist the venue staff with the smooth running of performances with particular regard to the safety and well being of the audiences.
Gate Folk - positioned at entry points to the festival site, venues and restricted points of access.
We will also be needing a small team of people to help with the clear up on Monday 21st August.

Opportunity Activities: Advice, Information and Support, Entertainment, General and Helping, Music, National and International Events
Start Date: 17th August 2017
End Date: 21st August 2017
Availability required:


What skills are needed?

Your priority as a volunteer is to help us run the Festival in a safe and controlled manner.
To create the best experience possible for everyone involved, we need you to be Happy, Helpful and Polite to visitors, contributors, fellow volunteers and to be vigilant and conscious of the safety requirements. We ask you to take pride in your duties, be available for your shifts and complete the hours allocated to you.
A certain level of physical fitness is required as you will generally be on your feet for most of your shift.
We also suggest the following skills for specific teams.
Green Folk - We need you to be; physically fit, reliable, conscientious and to believe in our desire to ensure that FolkEast creates minimal environmental impact.
Venue Folk - We need you to be; friendly and helpful, reliable, conscientious, observant, safety conscious, good at giving clear instructions.
Site Folk - We need you to be; resourceful, adaptable, friendly and helpful, observant, happy to meet and chat to people and have a good knowledge of the festival layout.
Gate Folk - We need you to be; friendly and helpful, logical, calm, a good communicator, good at making decisions, assertive, able to give clear instructions.
Backstage Folk - We need you to be; friendly, helpful, discreet, hospitable and confident
Campsite Folk - We need you to be; friendly and helpful, logical, observant, calm under pressure, a camper with some experience, systematic, good at giving instructions, firm but fair

What skills will be learned / gained?

Stewards can develop different skills depending on the team they participate in.
You will be taught how to use a radio to communicate clearly.
You will have the chance to develop your self -confidence and ability to communicate with the public.
On the Venue Team you will be working closely with the Venue Managers and learning what is required to stage the performances and maintain audience safety.
The Green team will gain an insight into how a large event manages their waste and recycling.

DBS Check Required: No
Driving Licence Required: No
Does this role have age restrictions?: Yes
Details of restriction:

Volunteers must be over 18 on the first day of duty.
Generally we ask that children under 12 are not with you whilst on duty but this may be possible for some of the roles so please let us know if this is necessary for you.

Mandatory training required for role: Yes
Details of mandatory training:

All volunteers must attend a Health and Safety briefing before their first shift and read their copy of the Volunteers Event Manual.
Briefings will be held on site at 11am on Thursday 17th August 2017 and 2pm on Friday 18th August 2017.

Extra information:

It is the volunteers that come and dedicate their time alongside us at FolkEast that help to create such a successful and friendly festival. Volunteering at the festival entitles you to a day pass to the festival for each shift you complete, you will have the opportunity to hear some fantastic music and make a whole bunch of new friends. We ask for a minimum two day commitment, covering approximately 4 hours of volunteering a day, but hopefully you will be able to make yourselves available over the whole weekend and gain a weekend pass to FolkEast. Free camping, free car parking or a free shuttle bus service from Wickham Market station is available for volunteers. Light refreshments will be available in the Volunteer’s tent with a place to relax and meet fellow volunteers.
You will need to provide a recent photo and bring photo ID when checking in on your first day.
Please make us aware of any relevant medical issues/difficulties that may affect the duties that you can perform or the support you may require. We will try and accommodate this if at all possible. The land is undulating park land that is grazed by cattle during the year so some parts are not very level and difficult to use a wheel chair on. Guide dogs are allowed on site but no other dogs, due to the dangers this presents to cattle returning to the site after the event.
We look forward to welcoming you onto our team.

About the Opportunity Host Organisation

Host Organisation: FolkEast Productions Ltd.
Organisation Profile:

To support and promote the music, arts and heritage of Suffolk by running events throughout the year. FolkEast also develops educational projects with folk artists and local schools.The main event is a 3 day music, arts and heritage festival held at Glemham Hall in August.

This opportunity is no longer accepting expressions of interest.