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Catch22 Mentor

Description of the role:

Mentoring young people between the age of 10-18 year olds

Opportunity Activities: Caring, Community Work, Counselling, Mentoring
Availability required:


What skills are needed?

listening to young person
being reliable
being consistent
reporting to manager each week
attending professional meetings
being enthusiastic
positive role model
wanting to make a difference
Being organised
attending group supervision

What skills will be learned / gained?

relevant training will be offered and required
safe guarding
first aid
child protection
lone working
mentoring awareness training
data protection

DBS Check Required: Yes
Driving Licence Required: Yes
Does this role have age restrictions?: Yes
Details of restriction:

18 and over

Mandatory training required for role: Yes
Details of mandatory training:

mentoring training
lone working

Extra information:

As a mentor you would be working with a young person between the age of 10-18 years old , seeing them once a week normally after school times or weekends , being that positive role model in their lives , making a positive difference .
You would be helping the young person in the area they need help in , whether its for emotional support each week , helping them with education and employment, getting them into activities , building their confidence and self esteem , its a very rewarding role , it can also open doors for a career move with other multi agencies who we work with

About the Opportunity Host Organisation

Host Organisation: Catch22 Mentoring West Suffolk
Organisation Profile:

Reparation working with young offenders
Mentoring working with young people 1-1