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Adventurous Carpenter Wanted!

Description of the role:

We are keen to engage someone who would like to use traditional hand tools (no electricity), working with greenwood from local woods (ash, oak off cuts from milling, hazel). The ideal volunteer would have some greenwood working skills - which are different to he regular carpentry skills. Having some teaching/training skills/qualification would also be very helpful for the role as you will be showing others your skills.

We don't have a budget so everything is used from on site or as donations from the local community. We hope this does not put you off.

There is some seasonality to this role as we are off-grid and can only work by daylight and it does get cold in winter (we hope to explore some indoor heating options over the next year). We have some very good under cover workshop spaces.

Opportunity Activities: Architecture and Building Work, Practical Work and DIY
Availability required:


What skills are needed?

We need someone who can instruct other volunteers in Rustic Carpentry in small workshops - we are open to ideas!

We would like our volunteer to be interested and skilled in tasks like up-cycling pallets, raising our existing work benches for wheel chair users and very importantly, boarding our disabled toilet to make it usable for wheel chairs.

We also want to explore making items to sell - that are compatible with our environmental objectives – ie natural bee hives, bird boxes, hedgehog homes.

OBee is open to the amount of time a volunteer can give - we would be pleased to hear from anyone with an interest in this role.

What skills will be learned / gained?

Crafts, leadership, managing people, team work

DBS Check Required: No
Driving Licence Required: No
Does this role have age restrictions?: No
Mandatory training required for role: Yes
Details of mandatory training:

Some type of carpentry qualification would be desirable

Extra information:

Skilled in green wood working is a must! You may be a regular carpenter who loves to work with naturally sourced wood in your spare time or maybe retired from a carpentry career?

The ground at OBee is quite uneven, so consideration needs to be given to mobility around the site. This can be overcome and we do have walkways which are wheel chair friendly. We also have a user-friendly compost toilet.

We use hand held tools and do not use any electricity. We are off-grid and aim to be Green in everything we do.

About the Opportunity Host Organisation

Host Organisation: Orchard Barn
Organisation Profile:

We are a social enterprise specialising in natural and traditional building projects. OBee Community Interest Company uses low-tech and traditional construction projects as a way of bringing people together to learn. Our current project is the reinstatement of our 1580 Suffolk Long House amongst other every day maintenance and development of the site.

We work with local volunteers on conservation projects. It is the time, energy and expertise of local volunteers that underpins everything we do at Orchard Barn - from conservation projects in our traditional orchard, work on and around the barn, to helping to renovate local woodland.

At Orchard Barn we specialise in traditional and natural building courses. The use of Wattle and Daub continues to make a come-back. We can teach you how to source your own clay and coppiced wattle sticks, and construct environmentally sound walls from totally natural materials.

This opportunity is no longer accepting expressions of interest.