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Adult Instructor - Lowestoft

Description of the role:

Adult volunteers are the bread and butter of our organisation, providing the regular teaching, guidance and leadership to our cadet members. These adults are those that wish to also take something away for themselves, by becoming a uniformed adult following (loosely) the Royal Navy's rank structure and becoming our cadets' mentors over the longer term.

Adult volunteers are required to volunteer at least one night per week - commitment and regular attendance are hugely important life skills that we instil into our cadets, therefore this is one of the most important requirements we have of our adults.

This role can be anything from becoming a physical training instructor, teaching sports and games, to a boating / watersports instructor taking cadets and adults on the water in power, sailing or paddle craft. We have vacancies for the following:
Stores Officer (to manage our uniform and equipment stock)
Boating instructors - to teach rowing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, powerboating and windsurfing
Adventurous training instructors - to teach rock climbing, mountain biking and expeditions
Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator - somebody to help our senior cadets manage their award progression
CVQO Instructor - somebody to help maintain our BTEC records for our participants

Opportunity Activities: Employee and Group Volunteering, Mentoring, Sports Development, Teaching, Training and Coaching, Youth Work
Availability required:


What skills are needed?

All instructors need:
Commitment, passion, dedication, communication skills, ability to work with young people, good standard of personal appearance

We particularly need people with these skills (however they are not required to join!):
Catering, stewarding, information technology and communications, physical training, marine engineering, ropework, navigation, military experience, teaching experience

What skills will be learned / gained?

The skills we provide to our cadets are also available to volunteers who come to us with the foundation above.

DBS Check Required: Yes
Driving Licence Required: No
Does this role have age restrictions?: Yes
Details of restriction:

18 years +

Mandatory training required for role: Yes
Details of mandatory training:

There are a number of courses required over the course of a two-year induction period (some of this will move to online training in the near future):
Induction Day (one day in East Anglia - to be completed within the first six months)
Learning and development (weekend)
Youth development (weekend)
Seamanship (weekend)
Drill (weekend)
Leadership (two days)
All courses are FREE (including accommodation at military/sea cadet accommodation and food) and travel to and from courses will be paid.

Extra information:

The tasks of an Adult Instructor include but are not restricted to the following:

a. Promoting and safeguarding the welfare of Children and Young People for whom they are responsible or with whom they come in contact and ensuring compliance with the MSSC’s Child Protection Policy and Guidance Document (ASCR 9). If in the course of carrying out their duties the instructor becomes aware of any actual or potential risks to the safety or welfare of cadets they are to report any concerns to the Unit CO, Unit Chairman or an Area Designated Worker.

b. Delivering instruction and training to adults and cadets of the Sea Cadets in the subjects of the Sea Cadets syllabus and others as required by the Commanding Officer.

c. Providing supervision of cadets and other young people engaged in Sea Cadet activities and on Sea Cadets premises.

d. Assisting with the administrative functions of the Unit as required by the Commanding Officer or UMC.

e. Application of relevant Health and Safety and Safeguarding measures as laid down in Sea Cadets documentation and external regulations.

f. Keeping up to date with changing Sea Cadet and external regulations on all matters pertaining to the training and supervision of Sea Cadets personnel. g. Undertaking role or activity training within the Unit and elsewhere to allow performance of any of the above tasks.

h. Any other activity or task as specified at Unit, District, Area or National level.

About the Opportunity Host Organisation

Host Organisation: Lowestoft Sea Cadets
Organisation Profile:

Youth organisation providing activities and opportunities for young people, based on a nautical theme.