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Member of Recruitment Working Group

Description of the role:

Would you like to make a big difference to a local charity working and supporting young people aged from 6 to 18 years old but don’t have much time?

We might have the answer for you!

We’re looking for people with professional skills they’ve picked up in the workplace who can spare the time for 6 meetings a year. We’re setting up a Working Group on Adult Recruitment to facilitate increased and improved recruitment into Leader and Manager roles within Wolsey, which is one of the two Ipswich Scout Districts with Suffolk Scouts. If you have PR or sales skills, or knowledge of HR and recruitment, or experience of social media and communications, or have local business connections, we’d really like to hear from you.

Your professional expertise could guide our recruitment strategy and thus have a real impact on the lives of young people in Ipswich and the skills for life they acquire through Scouting

If you’d like to know more, please contact Alison Nichols, Deputy District Commissioner at alison.nichols@wolseyscouts.org.uk

Opportunity Activities: Administration, Business, Management and Research, Employee and Group Volunteering, Marketing, PR and Media, Trusteeship and Committee Work
Availability required:


What skills are needed?

One or more of:

 Knowledge of volunteer recruitment and safeguarding
 Knowledge of commercial recruitment and HR
 Experience of sales
 Good links with local business and media, or ability to establish these relationships
 Project planning, management and evaluation (on a limited scale)
 Contributing ideas and creative thinking
 Ability to participate in a team and share decision making
 Marketing and communication skills
 Good interpersonal skills
 Board/committee experience
 Digital/social media

What skills will be learned / gained?

You'll be able to build up knowledge of recruitment in the voluntary sector and learn a little about Scouting at the same time.

DBS Check Required: No
Driving Licence Required: No
Mandatory training required for role: No
Extra information:

About the Opportunity Host Organisation

Host Organisation: Wolsey Scout District
Organisation Profile:

Wolsey District supports the Scouting activities of over 1000 children and adult volunteers, in fourteen Scout Groups, in west Ipswich and the surrounding villages. Scouting aims to provide Young People, aged 6 – 18, with skills for life through a varied and inspiring programme of activities.