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  M T W T F S S
Role Organisation Description of the role
Skills Instructor - Climbing Abseiling Suffolk Scouts Working with young people teaching climbing and abseiling skills
Skills Instructor - Hill Walking Suffolk Scouts Teaching young people hill/mountain walking skills
Skills Instructor Archery and Air Weapon Suffolk Scouts Working with young people, passing on skills
Social Media Manager Suffolk Scouts Promoting the Scout brand, achievements and events on social media.
Treasurer Vacancy Suffolk Scouts Manage and monitor financial activities of the group. Prepare and present financial reports and accounts. Support budgets and financial planning.
Volunteer Manager - Group Scout Leader Suffolk Scouts Helping young people and adults in the local area.
Volunteer Manager (Group Scout Leader) Suffolk Scouts We prepare young people with skills for life. But who supports the volunteers who make this happen? People like you. You can inspire, motivate and plan ahead. You’ll enjoy working with adults and...