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Volunteering Strategy

We know that volunteering makes a big difference to Suffolk lives. When people freely give their time and skills, something magical happens. People choose to volunteer for many reasons, they may want to help others, to develop new skills and/or meet new people.

We know that almost every aspect of Suffolk life benefits and enjoys the successes from volunteering, from our sports clubs and arts organisations, our churches and community centres to our public services such as school, hospitals and community safety.

For volunteering to provide even more benefits in Suffolk, we need a strong framework to enable effective support and promotion from all sectors of Suffolk, which includes the public, private, Voluntary and Community and citizens. By working together, Suffolk aspires to enable more people to volunteer and to benefit from volunteering, creating a better more cohesive Suffolk for all.

This framework is the Suffolk Volunteering Strategy and its Action Plan, fully endorsed by Suffolk’s Health and Wellbeing Board. Work is now underway to bring the Action Plan to life across the county.

We know that Suffolk Volunteering Strategy will not reflect the nuances of each individual organisation and community led group which involves volunteers in their day to day work, nor should but this action plan provides a starting point for working together across the system.

The purpose of the Suffolk Volunteering Strategy and the Action Plan is to develop and drive forward a clear framework for volunteering. This will allow each individual organisation to continue to develop along the path they have chosen, and allow them to access the resources, support and knowledge which they need. Suffolk aims to grow its knowledge and practice in volunteering and been seen as an exemplar county in the UK.